Resistance welding controller
  • Smart Weld Monitor gives signal instantly if the welded spot is not OK.
  • Welding controller supplies stable welding current by secondary feed-back constant current method.
  • Resistance welding controller has spot welding, 2-head spot welding and seam welding compatibility.
  • Networking of up to 32 machines (optional).
  • Parts of different thickness can be welded in the same welding sequence by setting multiple weld schedules.
  • 15 such programs can be set in this welding controller.
  • External schedule select.
  • Controller has self-adjustment for maximum current.
  • Large LED display gives instant view of the program.
  • Controller has 3 easy-to-operate counters to aid in systematic quality control and tip dressing schedules.
  • Up and down slopes.
  • Resistance welding controller can be retrofitted to your existing machines.
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